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Encouragement for the household mover who is longing for belonging, tangled in transition, and in pursuit of purpose.

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Thanks in Advance

Getting a cancer diagnosis a week on the heels of being served divorce papers is a pretty bad day.  Every morning after, my friend said she woke up with the weight of all the emotions and decisions sitting on her chest, she could scarcely take in a full breath. I could give you the laundryContinue reading “Thanks in Advance”

People who recently moved are more susceptible to the Coronavirus fear:

We are all coming down with a case of the jitters caused by fear the coronavirus is spreading but for someone who has recently moved those anxieties can wrap a little tighter than a surgical mask around a Wuhan citizen. And lathering up for 20 seconds doesn’t wash away these worries: 1. You feel especiallyContinue reading “People who recently moved are more susceptible to the Coronavirus fear:”

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