Seeing Their Faith

The Bible contains a story that is retold in 3 of the 4 gospel books about a paralyzed man who was healed spiritually and physically through the faith of his friends.

“Four men arrived carrying a paralyzed man on a mat. They couldn’t get to Jesus through the crowd, so they dug through the clay roof above his head. Then they lowered the sick man on his mat, right down in front of Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, ‘My son, your sins are forgiven.'” Mark 2: 3-5

Who wouldn’t want friends like that? Those that don’t quit on your behalf. Those that fight through opposition, take risks and persist until they lay you securely at the Healer’s feet so that you can be made whole.

Moving can cause emotional paralysis at varying degrees. You can become frozen with fear, insecurities, indecision, worry, and depression. You are crippled with grief, loneliness  and doubt. To make matters worse, the friends that once carried you in hard times now live far away.

But the Just Moved community is in your corner. And we will help lift a corner of your mat, not give up, and get you to Jesus, the healer.

I saw such friendship and faith in action by the Just Moved, Prosper Texas Spring 2016 Class Alumni last week at the Fall 2016 launch of the “Moving On After Moving In” class. They, once emotionally paralyzed by a move, have started walking again and came back to take a corner of the mat and carry the next wave of newcomers to Jesus. The Spring 16 Alumni have invited people to come find help, healing and hope in Jesus through the “After the Boxes Are Unpacked” book and the Just Moved Prosper, Texas community and class.

THANK YOU LADIES! For being the friend that cares and carries others burdens. Seeing your faith, I was encouraged. Seeing your faith, many are starting on their journey to healing. Seeing your faith, God was glorified and pleased. 

“Everyone was gripped with great wonder and awe. And they praised God, saying over and over again, ‘We have seen amazing things today.'” Luke 5: 26







Published by Jesse Prentiss

9 Moves through 5 states in 20 years. Unpacking what God is teaching me about how HOME is not where you live but what lives with in.

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