in all you do, prosper

Typically I’ve been the catalyst for change. I announce I am moving away and people are forced to react.

I’m not use to being the recipient of such change. Recently I’ve had to react to an announcement that a friend is moving. Now I know what it feels like to be left in the void, instead of creating it. Honestly, it stinks. I feel powerless and sad. This moving announcement holds no new adventure on the horizon for me, only an empty hole. When you’re moving your mind starts racing about the ten thousand things you need to do next, but when someone is moving you can only ponder, “now what am I going to do?”

Friend, I know this is so hard. You said you would move forward with tears but you would move forward. Every transplanted tree needs extra water to establish healthy roots so cry those tears.

Remember you are transplanted by the Master Gardener. Psalm 1 reminds us that those that delight in doing everything the Lord wants, even surrendering to a move, are like trees planted along the riverbank. They bear fruit each season without fail. You will flourish again! Their leaves never wither, and in all they do, they PROSPER.

You might not get to have address labels with the town Prosper on them much longer but this time and town has allowed you to PROSPER in so many ways. Your time here may have been short but your impact was big. You see the best in people and enthusiastically believe in their dreams and help them make it happen. I have seen your faith in God blossom as you’ve responded to His love and grace.

I wish I could be a little more wise or mature about the whole matter but I am going to have to turn that all over to God. So instead I’ll pray for your wisdom and maturity as you trust God with this next adventure. In all you do, PROSPER. Continue to put your roots in the soil of God’s love and draw from the life giving source of Jesus no matter where He transplants you.

I love you and will miss you.

Published by Jesse Prentiss

9 Moves through 5 states in 20 years. Unpacking what God is teaching me about how HOME is not where you live but what lives with in.

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