Thanks in Advance

Getting a cancer diagnosis a week on the heels of being served divorce papers is a pretty bad day.  Every morning after, my friend said she woke up with the weight of all the emotions and decisions sitting on her chest, she could scarcely take in a full breath. I could give you the laundryContinue reading “Thanks in Advance”


People who recently moved are more susceptible to the Coronavirus fear:

We are all coming down with a case of the jitters caused by fear the coronavirus is spreading but for someone who has recently moved those anxieties can wrap a little tighter than a surgical mask around a Wuhan citizen. And lathering up for 20 seconds doesn’t wash away these worries: 1. You feel especiallyContinue reading “People who recently moved are more susceptible to the Coronavirus fear:”

Snakes & Sky: First Impressions Fails

Experts estimate that a first impression is made in 7 seconds.  We are wired to hit the thumbs up or thumbs down button in our head. This natural evaluation is a defense mechanism to move us away from threat and toward reward based on quickly assessing outward appearances. When entering a new store, if it smellsContinue reading “Snakes & Sky: First Impressions Fails”

Big Teddy, Big Heart

Big Teddy came off the store shelf and into our lives while I was pregnant with my first born son. He was about four feet tall with the perfect lap to sit in while reading a book or use as a pillow to take a nap. He was a nursery staple for both kids. AsContinue reading “Big Teddy, Big Heart”

Super Blue Blood Moon

Today we experienced an unusual overlap of lunar events called the super blue blood moon. As the moon moved along its merry normal way, it experienced a disruption of its light source, it became overshadowed. The moon has no light of it’s own, it only reflects the sun’s light. So when something gets in theContinue reading “Super Blue Blood Moon”