I knew Texas summers where going to be stupid hot when we moved here. But what I didn’t know was Texas summers get so stupid hot that if the clay soil is not watered it will separate from the house risking a cracked foundation. Growing up in Michigan where keeping water out your basement was an ongoing battle, I couldn’t graspContinue reading “Separate”

What to expect when you are expecting… a move.

So you’re expecting a new life. Congratulations! Consider me your moving midwife, after 7 moves and 2 babies I have learned that each move, like each pregnancy, is a unique experience. Here my mover’s guide that reassuringly addresses ten expectations of movers-to-be based on my experience as a mover and a mother, from the announcementContinue reading “What to expect when you are expecting… a move.”

On Your Plate

When you move, it is like your plate gets flipped. It’s messy. It is important to grieve the things that were lost off your plate. It is also important start over and put new things on your plate. Divide a paper plate into three parts. Reflected on your losses, write down something you miss about where you movedContinue reading “On Your Plate”

More Than Time

I lied and I need to take it back. I’ve consoled myself and others that it just will take more time to feel settled in after a move and that it will just happen with time. Truth is it take more than time. A wound will heal in time but it also has to stay cleanContinue reading “More Than Time”

From Apples to Avocados

It is fall on the calendar but the thermometer has me still thinking summer. I am in the process of accepting that the fall of my expectation isn’t coming. Having lived in Michigan and Ohio my whole life autumn means colorful leaves falling like confetti celebrating wonderful things like sweaters, leaf piles to jump in, andContinue reading “From Apples to Avocados”