A new song

The book “After the Boxes are Unpacked” by Susan Miller sat collecting dust for years on the book shelf. A sweet well-meaning couple from my mother-in-law’s church gifted it to us when we moved out of state as newlyweds. It went in and out of cardboard boxes from Lowell, Michigan to Akron, Ohio. Then fromContinue reading “A new song”

Made in the Shade

I moved to Texas in the early spring. Most everyone I met emphasized the ridiculous heat I was in store for. Considering it took 3 bags of salt and a pickaxe to remove the ice from my driveway so the movers didn’t have a liability lawsuit, the Texas spring 70 degree weather already felt balmy toContinue reading “Made in the Shade”


I had arrived at the mall an hour earlier than the shoe store actually opened. Fortunately there was a play land so I settled in to let the kids play and pass the hour. I made eye contact and exchanged a smile with another mom a few times before she moved closer to engage inContinue reading “Back-to-Back”

The Right Road

I was wrestling with those feelings of discouragement and hopelessness many movers encounter.  The lack of homes that met our expectations in Michigan and the amount of time our house was taking to sell back in Ohio was becoming a rocky road for me to travel emotionally. It was like the red traffic light that never seemed like itContinue reading “The Right Road”

Which Switch Is Which?

It is like an aggrevating game show when you first move into a new home. You can almost hear the cheesy voice through the sparkling teeth of the show’s host Will B. Movin say, “Let’s play…WHICH SWITCH IS WHHHIIIIIICH?” How can such little switch flip me out so easily? Power switches can blow my fuse as I fumbleContinue reading “Which Switch Is Which?”


It is said that if the South is the “Bible Belt” then Texas is the buckle. I think this holds true because of the unreasonable amount of dangerous things that exist here. Venomous snakes, scorpions and poisonous spiders, everyone seems to be packing heat, and even the weather wants you dead by means of tornado, hail or sun scorch.Continue reading “Danger”