On The Fence

So you’ve heard about this Just Moved group but you’re not sure you qualify. Maybe you’ve been here over a year, maybe over 10 years. Maybe you only moved a half an hour. Maybe you don’t live in Prosper but in a surrounding area. Maybe you don’t go to church or have a faith. If you’re on the fence about coming will you take a quick evolution to make sure you aren’t stuck on the fence.

If you are stuck on a barbed wire fence, you may not be able to move forward with out a little assistance. When I was a kid, I remember getting my hair stuck as I tried to duck under some barbed wire fences as we explored. I was panicked, irrational, and in pain those few moments (although it seemed like forever) before my cousins could finally untangle me.

That’s all this class is. A group of friends to help you get untangled from a couple barbs you may have gotten caught up in as you moved from one field to the next. 

So it’s not so much the time you’ve been here that qualifies you, its if you still have a few barbs in your britches about moving here. We hope to untangle you at “Moving On After Moving In” class on Wednesdays at 9:30am – 11:30am at Rhea’s Mill Church in Prosper, so you can keep exploring the new adventures God has planned for you in this new field.

If a few of these describe you, you might not just be on the fence you might be stuck on the fence.

  1. You Can’t find your groove here.
  2. You Complain and Criticize more that you are content and complimentary.
  3. You Consider moving back.
  4. You Connect with old friends more than new ones.
  5. You Constantly feel misunderstood or alone.
  6. You Center your life around keeping the kids happy.
  7. You Contrast yourself with what everyone else has, does and looks like.
  8. You Cry from the loss of friends, family and old way of life.
  9. You Compare your old life with your new and are still disappointed.
  10. You Continually are afraid of the unknown and what ifs.

The first part of the study we focus on Letting Go. There are things just easier accomplished with a friend, who knows how long I would have been stuck on that barbed wire friends if my cousins hadn’t been with me to free me. You can struggle on your barbs alone, but I recommend you come and get a hand in untangling a few things at the “Moving On After Moving In” class regardless of the time you’ve been in Texas. Its not so much the time, its about the tangle.

Back-2-School Supply List for Just Moved Parents

You did your research, you’ve bought your supplies, but now comes the test. Will your kids pass or fail in their new school?

One of the most stressful things about moving is getting your kids adjusted to their new school. You can’t control them once they get on that bright yellow school bus, you can only equip them.

Here is a Back-2-School Supply List for Parents whose kids are starting a new school after a move.

  1. Spirit Wear. It might feel corny depending on where you moved from but you’re in Texas now so state and school pride is in vogue. Spirit Wear is sold by most of the schools and extra-curricular organization so you helping fundraising efforts and it gives you and your kids a sense of belonging to the school and community.
  2. Notebooks & Pencils. Write your kids an encouraging note or joke to find in their backpack. Write their name, in a school that no one knows their name yet, it will give them comfort that they are known and loved.
  3. Lunch Box. Visit your kids at lunch. Just be there, you don’t need to bring them Chic-fil-A or Mooyah milkshakes everytime, they just want to spend time with you. It’s also a good time to make a lunch date with another parent and kid your child might becoming friends with. But don’t over eat, lunch is an important time for friendships to form. I had to stop visiting for a while because my daughter would get so sad after I left and she wasn’t getting time to socialize with classmates.
  4. Highlighters. Be positive and highlight the good things about the new school and people. Challenge your child to compliment 3 different people each day. Also remember that even a bad circumstance can have a good outcome. The hard stuff makes us stronger.
  5. Fine Point Pen. It is easy to assure our kids that everything is going to be fine. But things don’t always go they way we hope. Prepare them to know what to do if things aren’t fine. Bullies, no one to play with on the playground, or getting lost are better managed if you have talked through how to react in those situations before they happen. My daughter became angry at me for a time, feeling betrayed that I had lied when I said everything will be fine and it wasn’t. Make it a point not to promise everything will be fine instead promote trusting in God’s plan with prayer, patience and persistence.
  6. Snacks. Find an opportune time to lay out a snack and get a pulse on their day. By feeding their physical need they may be more willing to trust you with some of their emotional needs. Serving them love and time is most nourishing but a cookie can help too.
  7. Head Phones. Be intentional about listening and being in-tune with your kids. Unplug the noise from other sources like music, tv and phone and be available for your kids to talk and show them they matter by giving them pockets of undivided attention in your day.
  8. Scissors. Cut down on complaining and destructive comparing. It is natural to compare the new school with your old school but give teachers and administrators the benefit of the doubt by giving them a chance to explain why they do things different than your old school before you complain.
  9. Crayons. Help create a colorful life for them. Support school functions even if your kids doesn’t participate in them. Checkout a home game under the Friday night lights, attend a school play, or join the homecoming parade crowd. The more you do, the more familiar places and people will start to feel.
  10. Glue. Some days will be great so you’ll want to paste a gold star on for your decision to move here. But some days you may feel like you are falling to pieces. Jesus is the glue to help hold you together. Before you become unglued remember the promise found in 2 Corinthians 9:8a “God will generously SUPPLY all you need.” A ruler can’t even begin to measure His generosity to supply for you and your kid’s needs this school year. Just ask.

in all you do, prosper

Typically I’ve been the catalyst for change. I announce I am moving away and people are forced to react.

I’m not use to being the recipient of such change. Recently I’ve had to react to an announcement that a friend is moving. Now I know what it feels like to be left in the void, instead of creating it. Honestly, it stinks. I feel powerless and sad. This moving announcement holds no new adventure on the horizon for me, only an empty hole. When you’re moving your mind starts racing about the ten thousand things you need to do next, but when someone is moving you can only ponder, “now what am I going to do?”

Friend, I know this is so hard. You said you would move forward with tears but you would move forward. Every transplanted tree needs extra water to establish healthy roots so cry those tears.

Remember you are transplanted by the Master Gardener. Psalm 1 reminds us that those that delight in doing everything the Lord wants, even surrendering to a move, are like trees planted along the riverbank. They bear fruit each season without fail. You will flourish again! Their leaves never wither, and in all they do, they PROSPER.

You might not get to have address labels with the town Prosper on them much longer but this time and town has allowed you to PROSPER in so many ways. Your time here may have been short but your impact was big. You see the best in people and enthusiastically believe in their dreams and help them make it happen. I have seen your faith in God blossom as you’ve responded to His love and grace.

I wish I could be a little more wise or mature about the whole matter but I am going to have to turn that all over to God. So instead I’ll pray for your wisdom and maturity as you trust God with this next adventure. In all you do, PROSPER. Continue to put your roots in the soil of God’s love and draw from the life giving source of Jesus no matter where He transplants you.

I love you and will miss you.

How to survive your first Texas summer

So you’ve just moved to the area. You know it gets hot in North Dallas but you haven’t experienced it first hand yet. You blow off the warnings because you are too excited about all the adventure and promise the idea of summer brings. But summer here is equivalent to the dead of winter in the northern border states. You don’t go outside unless you are fully prepared.

So here are a few tips to survive your first summer:

  1. Invest in the vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers. Yeti, Arctic, Swell, it doesn’t matter which, just get one for everyone so you don’t have to ration your water supply. I know it’s expensive but it is a matter of life and death here. Go ahead and leave it in the car for that quick errand, it might be hot to the touch when you return but ice remains on the inside!
  2. Your water bill will be high. You will need to water your house foundation, keep your landscape alive, keep your pool from evaporation and keep your Yeti filled. You do more laundry and shower more often because sweat like a hog. Our first summer the June water bill was over $1000 and we don’t even have a pool.
  3. Hats & sunglasses aren’t just for fashion, they are full-out survival gear. The only thing not bigger in Texas is the trees, that is why they call it big sky country. Big sky = lots of sunshine. Suddenly a sombrero will make perfect sense.
  4. Pack an umbrella. No, not for rain. The sun. Unless you heeded my warning in number 2 and invested in a sombrero.
  5. You will sweat, like a hog. Therefore you want to make sure your sweat areas that pool like your pits, crotch and under the boobs are covered with either black, white or patterned fabric to hide the inevitable sweat stains.
  6. Pack a coat. Yes, it does get cold in Texas in the summer…indoors! You go from 108 to 68 when you enter a business or restaurant. That is a 40 degree swing plus you have a layer of hog sweat on you so you freeze inside and melt outdoors. There is no in-between.
  7. Water based frozen treats are better. Snow cone places start popping up in parking lots like jack-in-the boxes. You won’t find a lot of ice-cream stands because dairy doesn’t last 5 seconds in this heat. I tried to buy ice-cream bars as an after practice treat for my son’s sports team and many boys flat out refused it with a polite “no thank you ma’am” and parents looked at me like I had a third eye. Next practice a Texas native mom brought popsicles and they practically hosted her on their shoulders in a MVP celebration.
  8. Everything melts. Crayons left in the back seat of your car, cheap flip-flops to the pavement, and the deodorant you thought you could keep in your glove box melt. Even your will to live will melt away. You will have no energy to do anything. Your bucket list of summer activities will melt into days staying indoors checking social media to envying your friends on vacation up north and letting your kids play video games or watch movies.
  9. Rethink your outdoor activities. Biking…your tires will melt on the pavement. Hiking…only to view a brown scorched landscape with vultures circling overhead. Camping…burn ban on campfires. Even simple activities like drawing with chalk on the sidewalks or going down a slide at a playground risk 3rd degree burns. It even gets too hot to swim during the day, night swimming or early morning are your golden hours for water. If you insist on trying a waterpark, at least wear shoes so your feet don’t combust on the pavement in between the long lines for the water slides.
  10. Go north. At some point you will need to just get relief from the constant heat. Even once the sun goes down, it’s still hot. There is no cool of the morning. It starts hot and ends hot so you best have a getaway planned before you go mad. Make sure to take some pictures and post it them on social media.

Now that you are prepared, have a fabulous first summer in Texas!

Top 10: You are Prosper

There is a saying in these parts “We are Prosper”. As this small town with big heart makes room for the newcomers, here are the top 10 ways to know when you’ve finally settled into Prosper, Texas. Once you catch yourself doing one of these 10, you belong to A Place Where Everyone Matters.

10. You’ve learned multiple alternate routes to avoid 380 as much as humanly possible and when you find yourself in backed up bumper to bumper traffic it is due to farm implements or construction equipment.

9. You’ve started decorating with windmills. Wearing windmills. Dreaming windmills.

mantle shirts dream

8. You measure time by referencing construction projects. Saying things like…”Before the Kroger opened…” “Once 380 and the Toll completes…” “After the new high school opens…”

7.  You’ve been under the Friday Night Lights at Eagles Stadium, know the eagle hand motion and what a homecoming mum is.


6. You’ve gotten a picture at the “Small Town Big Heart” silo.


5. You have something with the Jeremiah 29:11 verse on it. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to PROSPER you”.


4. You’ve been downtown on a Saturday morning to stand in line for a Cotton Gin breakfast and made a new friend while waiting.


3. You are finally sure which RMS is which. Rogers or Reynolds?

2. You don’t make a decision without checking with the Prosper Mom’s first.


1. You proudly bear a Prosper “P” on your vehicle. It might be zebra stripes, rhinestones, chevron, or traditional green. We are all a little different, but we are all united, We are Prosper.



Withdraw or Welcome?

When I moved to the Prosper, Texas area I took advantage of the friendliness of the south and chatted it up with every cashier, server, grocery bagger, and person in line with me that I could engage. It didn’t take many conversations to realize I wasn’t the only one who thought moving to North Dallas was a good idea. It was hard to find an actual born and raised Texan, it seemed almost everyone had moved within the last 10 years.

I looked out over the crowds and construction and felt a compassion for the thousands of newcomers. I know all too well the emotional stress associated with moving. I felt overwhelmed by the need but underwhelmed by my personal resources to help.

I had helped with a Just Moved Ministries class in Ohio and I wondered about starting one here. The staff at the Just Moved Ministries headquarters was super supportive so prayerfully I took the baby steps to start the first class in Prosper, Texas. It seemed almost impossible, the church we attended didn’t have a building so I didn’t know where to meet. It was only me, no co-leader to cover if I needed to be absent. I paid for the books, fliers, and other materials out of my own pocket.

But I was confident in the Biblical principle that gets proved over and over again: what seems impossible to man, is completely possible with God. 

All four gospels in the Bible tell the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of over 5000 with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. The 5000 feeding is all about God making the impossible possible, right? It’s about bringing meager resources to the one who can multiply. God has been faithful to multiple and provide for the Just Moved Prosper, Texas ministry. We’ve gone from one to over 50 in our community in 2 years. We’ve meet in multiple locations and God has gathered women to come along side me to love and lead the new ladies.

But there is more to the story that has really encouraged me. Before this miraculous meal, Jesus was WORN out & wanted to WITHDRAW but when he saw the crowds he had compassion and WELCOMED them.

There is definitely a part of me that would rather withdraw into my own agenda, that gets worn out and also wonders why bother. But when I look out over the crowds and construction I have an overwhelming compassion to help the broken, heal the hurting, and shepherd the lost. When I look into the teary eyes of a mover and see they are hungry for belonging and hope, I want to see them fed. When I see her eyes go from holding tears to a sparkle again I know her heart is being transformed by God.

Is there a group of people, broken down and hungry for something more, that you look out at and instead of withdrawing you have a desire to welcome them and meet their needs? But do those needs feel overwhelming in contrast to your underwhelming resources? Trust God to multiple and provide through you.

If you are like me, and the crowds and construction stir compassion, would you consider helping out the Just Moved Prosper, Texas ministry? We are looking for compassionate people to say, “I won’t withdraw from the weary, I will welcome them.” I get the downside of development, but we have a choice to be hostile or heal to neglect or nourish to withdraw or welcome!

If this stirs your heart, we can equip you to lead a small group in your neighborhood – out of your home or community center. Maybe you would help with childcare so that mother’s with little ones could get a break and attend a “Moving On After Moving In” class. Maybe your business would like to sponsor a breakfast for newcomers to nourish them physically and emotionally. There is opportunity to care.

Please contact me Jesse Prentiss at prentissjj@gmail.com to find out how you can make a difference in the North Dallas, Texas community and in the individual lives of woman who are uprooted after a move.

Temporary Housing Situation

King David of the Bible’s Old Testament knew a lot about moving. He went from a sheep pen to the palace in his life time. Psalm 142 was written in one of King David’s temporary housing situations: a cave. Maybe my rental on Applewood Ave was not so horrible after all?! My chicken scratch in my Bible’s margin reads “Exactly the way I feel! End of February 2009 transition to MI from OH.” This is how I felt in my temporary housing situation maybe you can relate and find hope in these timeless words written from one of the worst temporary housing situations in history:

“I cry out to the Lord; I plead for the Lord’s mercy. I pour out my complaints before him and tell him all my trouble. For I am overwhelmed…” (Psalm 142:1-3a NLT)

Overwhelmed was an understatement. I had an active 2 & 4 year old. I hadn’t wanted to move and we were in the middle of the national housing market drop. Nothing was easy. I poured out my complaints to God, I cried and pleaded as David once did in the cave, I in my little blue duplex rental.

“…and you alone know the way I should turn. Wherever I go, my enemies have set traps for me.” (Psalm 142:3b)

I knew God had a plan but my eyes were too blurry with tears to see it. Enemies were all around me enticing me to take up a “temporary housing situation” instead of residing with God. Enticing me to live in worry if we were going to take a big loss on the house. Inviting me to live a lie to my friends and family on how I was really feeling. Convincing me to live in silent bitterness towards my husband who was wrapped up in work. I fell into the traps of binge reading novels while letting the kids watch tv all day, drinking alcohol just enough to dull the pain, and pouring hours into Facebook. TV, reading, food and drink, social media are all fine places to visit but we are not meant to live there, they are enjoyments of life, not life sources.

“I look for someone to come and help me, but no one give me a passing thought! No one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me.” (Psalm 142:4)

I hid a lot of what I was feeling then. I didn’t realize how normal the feelings of grief, loss of identity and insecurity were to a mover. That I needed to unpack emotionally as much as I did the physical boxes. I did not want to worry anyone yet I began to resent people for not realizing I was hurting. I also thought since I was the new girl people should initiate me but that often wasn’t the case. I hoped that once I was out of my temporary housing situation these problems would evaporate but they just compounded.

“Then I pray to you, O Lord. I say, “YOU ARE MY PLACE OF REFUGE. YOU ARE ALL I REALLY WANT IN LIFE.” (Psalm 142:5)

David was homeless and felt friendless but he wasn’t hopeless. From the belly of a dark cave, David realized that God Himself was his place of refuge. God dwells in our hearts when we invite him in. If He is our home and he makes his home in us, that is the ultimate eternal housing situation. Then it doesn’t matter where we live, in a cave, a blue duplex, everything is temporary housing until we abide with Him. He is all we need. We spent countless hours touring homes, scouring the websites and attending open houses in search of what we really wanted in a house. A life with God is like finding your dream home, its everything you want and need to live.

“Hear my cry, for I am very low.” (Psalm 142:6a)

Too often we try to handle things on our own and turn to God as a last result when all else fails. We get low on energy and hope and like a car low on gas, we begin to sputter and risk quitting before we finally go fill up the tank. I challenged myself to read a psalm a day in my temporary housing situation and the words became like fuel for me, to make it a little further each day towards my eternal home.

“Rescue me from my persecutors, for they are too strong for me. Bring me out of prison so I can thank you.” (Psalm 142:6b-7a)

I am sure that cave felt more like a cell than a refuge some days for David. I felt like a prisoner locked into that temporary housing situation, waiting for our house to sell, to buy a new one, to build a new community.  It felt impossible to settle until I was free of the temporary housing situation. However the prison was in my mind not realizing those things can’t effect my contentment, joy and peace when I trust and abide in God. I began to find things to thank God for even in that temporary living situation and it was key to unlocking my chains.

 “The godly will crowd around me, for you treat me kindly” (Psalm 142:6-7)

1 Samuel 22 tells David cave story. David was on the run from the current king, his father-in-law because Saul learned that David, not his biological son would become his successor. He was considered a criminal and hid for his life in a cave. God gathered family and friends to David until he was the leader of about 400 men. That must have been such an encouragement to have people come along side of him in his cave days, who believed that he would one day wear a crown. In the palace and good times of life it is harder to differentiate true friends from users. You can trust a friend who was with you in the cave. God, in his kindness, brought me a crowd of friends that I value to this day because they accepted me in my cave days.

Sometimes we are afraid to move into people who are in the dark caves of their life. But as Christ-followers we live by his example and power. David was forced to move to the cave as a perceived criminal. When they moved Christ into a cave after his death on the cross, many thought they were burying a criminal. By God’s provision, David would emerge from the cave and move his followers into the palace. By God’s power, Christ would emerge from the grave the Resurrected King and will one day lead his people from this temporary housing situation on earth to Heaven, our eternal home.

So where are you settling? Are you still living in the temporary or have you made the move to the eternal? Are you finding your refuge in God or are you trying to escape your enemies in your own strength, to hide out for a time in the darkness, or indulge in a temporary satisfaction? Jesus doesn’t insist we present ourselves a palace but will move into us as a dark cave. A king transforms a cave or any housing situation into a palace just by his dwelling there.

So basically you are a dark cave, you become a palace when the king moves in and then get to move to the heavenly palace with him for eternity. When we make our final move will have no more reason to cry, no more complaints or troubles. Our overwhelming circumstances will be replaced with overwhelming joy and wisdom. We won’t be low, we will be high. We won’t be imprisoned, we will be free. That is all I really want in life!

Jump Start

I needed a jump start this morning, but it was my heart not my engine that needed it most.
I don’t know about you but these last couple weeks with spring break and a busy schedule has got me out of rhythm with all areas in life. I was like my car engine this morning, just enough power left in the battery to turn a few lights on but not enough to turn the engine over and get started.
I was already pushing to clock to get to my Bible Study Fellowship leadership meeting when I discovered my car wouldn’t start. Drained battery. I needed a jump start. I called several other leaders but no one answered my distress plea. I finally called my head Teaching Leader to alert her to my situation and that I would be late. Without hesitation, she turned around and came to rescue me, she picked me up and brought me all the way to my destination.
Isn’t that so like Jesus. He gives us more than a jump start to get us going in our own power, He provides the ride Himself. When we believe in Him and begin to know him in a relationship, life starts to feel like catching a ride with a friend.
So if your stuck turning your engine over and over, maybe stop to make the call to catch a ride with a friend. Or if your cruising along pretty good, be available and ready to sacrifice for someone else. You may need to turn around to pick someone up out of their broken down state, help them get to their destination and be a friend along the way.


Most of my moves have been corporate moves where teams of men box up my life in a 2 day flurry. They are professionals, completely detached from the emotional ties I have to my stuff. It is impressive, they can wrap up and box a framed photo in 5 seconds, where as I would look at it for 5 minutes with a tear in my eye recalling the memory and relationships it represented.

Even though things get packed efficiently, things don’t always get packed with care. Inevitably some item will be damaged in a move. Despite the bubble wrap, paper wads, and fabric pads something always gets broken, bent, or beat up.

On this last move to Texas, I came to one large yet light box labeled “arrangement”. Inside was the artificial floral arrangement my husband had received from close family friends when his beloved grandfather passed away years ago. To my dismay, the movers had torn out all the plants from the green floral styrofoam. They were just tossed carelessly in the box on top of the basket that they had originally been beautiful and intentional arranged.

I tried to replace them the best I could but it just couldn’t be duplicated. The process of moving had completely undone this once lovely arrangement. It was totally disheveled with mangled pieces and misplaced parts.

Despite my best efforts I had to surrender it to a professional designer. She was able to reuse some of the original greens arranging them aesthetically along side some new pieces to revitalize the look. In the designer’s care and expertise, she was able to take what I couldn’t fix and make it more beautiful than before and useful again. 

I was not, and maybe it goes for you too, that different from the floral arrangement. My life was pretty put together before the move. But once we moved it felt like someone had carelessly ripped up my life and just dumped it in a dark cardboard box grave. There was a kind of death and destruction to my previous identity, beauty and purpose.

I emerged broken, bent and beat up emotionally. I wasted time and effort trying to replace things on my own. Despite my best efforts I had to surrender myself to a professional designer. By using the pieces of my past and adding new pieces, God, the Master Designer, RE-arranged my life with a greater beauty and purpose than I was able to attempt on my own.

Ephesians 2:10 NLT “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

This verse assures my heart that God is a professional designer, a master artist, and I am his creation, his piece of art, His Masterpiece! He cares about me and no matter how broken, bent and beat up I get, I can be recreated and renewed in Jesus into an amazing RE-arrangement. This verse helps me trust Him because He has a good plan for my life and He has designed me specifically for a purpose.

Maybe you are feeling broken, bent or beat up from your move too. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the effort it takes to piece your disheveled life back together I challenge you to surrender to the professional designer. Let go and Let God arrange your life into a masterpiece RE-arrangement. 


Keep On

As the Just Moved community in the Prosper, Texas area increases the meeting spaces available in town was decreasing. I was feeling the pressure to get our spring class scheduled but was running low on meeting location options. I kept looking and praying.

If I am honest, when I pray, I want Jesus to get me from point A to point B in the quickest most comfortable way. I want the stuff not the sweat. I want him to chauffeur me in his sweet ride on easy street.

Rarely do I pray for a coach to build my spiritual fitness along a challenging route from point A to point B. But when I do, Jesus runs along side, encouraging me with his word and presence. He exhausts me of my own effort and shows me to rely on his way and strength. He paces me “Keep On, Keep On, Keep On” as I finally fall in step with his plan.

“KEEP ON ASKING, and you will be given what you ask for. KEEP ON LOOKING, and you will find. KEEP ON KNOCKING, and the door will be opened” Matthew 7:7 NLT

I knew God wanted to provide a meeting space for us to gather and grow. But I wanted Him to answer that prayer request like a chauffeur not a coach. Praying persistently is not so God will finally give in and chauffeur me to point B, its having an active faith that keeps me on keeping on even when I don’t get the answers I want in my timing. By getting in stride with Jesus, I receive more than I asked for, saw more than I was looking for, and walked through more open doors than I expected. Jesus’s route introduced me to new friends, new businesses and new areas in town previously unknown.

So I got to Point B, we have a new location for the Just Moved “Moving On After Moving In” class, but I got so much more in the process of asking, looking and knocking. I was sweaty but stronger. I am grateful that Jesus was more like a coach than a chauffeur. He pushed me past where I wanted to go, introduced me to people I wouldn’t have otherwise met, and propelled me into a deeper dependance on Him.

Maybe you have an unanswered prayer that you are still waiting on and the doors of life seem to be shutting in your face. Don’t give up asking but maybe you need to give up the expectation that God is a chauffeur. When we actively run after His agenda instead of asking Him to fulfill ours, that is when our eyes and the doors of our heart begin to open.