Plans to Prosper You

Jeremiah 29:11 is one of those precious promises in the Bible that has a way of repeating itself in my life when I find out we are moving again. When we went from Michigan to Ohio it was on a journal that a friend gave me. When I found out we were moving from Ohio to Texas it was the memory verse for my BSF children’s lesson that day. It tells me so much about God, that He is all knowing, He is a planner, He is powerful and He is good even if circumstances seem bad. The verse offers hope, like a reassuring hug from a loving parent or friend.

God has used my several physical moves to move me closer to him spiritually. This time we are literally moving to Prosper. We will prosper in Prosper, Texas!

I thought I would keep friends and family up to date of our adventures with this blog. This isn’t about our physical move as much as it is about how God moves in my life and moves me closer to Him, how he moves me to prosper me.

plans to prosper you