Big Teddy, Big Heart

Big Teddy came off the store shelf and into our lives while I was pregnant with my first born son. He was about four feet tall with the perfect lap to sit in while reading a book or use as a pillow to take a nap. He was a nursery staple for both kids. AsContinue reading “Big Teddy, Big Heart”

Super Blue Blood Moon

Today we experienced an unusual overlap of lunar events called the super blue blood moon. As the moon moved along its merry normal way, it experienced a disruption of its light source, it became overshadowed. The moon has no light of it’s own, it only reflects the sun’s light. So when something gets in theContinue reading “Super Blue Blood Moon”

Temporary Housing Situation

King David of the Bible’s Old Testament knew a lot about moving. He went from a sheep pen to the palace in his life time. Psalm 142 was written in one of King David’s temporary housing situations: a cave. Maybe my rental on Applewood Ave was not so horrible after all?! My chicken scratch in my Bible’s marginContinue reading “Temporary Housing Situation”


I had arrived at the mall an hour earlier than the shoe store actually opened. Fortunately there was a play land so I settled in to let the kids play and pass the hour. I made eye contact and exchanged a smile with another mom a few times before she moved closer to engage inContinue reading “Back-to-Back”