Top 10: You are Prosper

There is a saying in these parts “We are Prosper”. As this small town with big heart makes room for the newcomers, here are the top 10 ways to know when you’ve finally settled into Prosper, Texas. Once you catch yourself doing one of these 10, you belong to A Place Where Everyone Matters.

10. You’ve learned multiple alternate routes to avoid 380 as much as humanly possible and when you find yourself in backed up bumper to bumper traffic it is due to farm implements or construction equipment.

9. You’ve started decorating with windmills. Wearing windmills. Dreaming windmills.

mantle shirts dream

8. You measure time by referencing construction projects. Saying things like…”Before the Kroger opened…” “Once 380 and the Toll completes…” “After the new high school opens…”

7.  You’ve been under the Friday Night Lights at Eagles Stadium, know the eagle hand motion and what a homecoming mum is.


6. You’ve gotten a picture at the “Small Town Big Heart” silo.


5. You have something with the Jeremiah 29:11 verse on it. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to PROSPER you”.


4. You’ve been downtown on a Saturday morning to stand in line for a Cotton Gin breakfast and made a new friend while waiting.


3. You are finally sure which RMS is which. Rogers or Reynolds?

2. You don’t make a decision without checking with the Prosper Mom’s first.


1. You proudly bear a Prosper “P” on your vehicle. It might be zebra stripes, rhinestones, chevron, or traditional green. We are all a little different, but we are all united, We are Prosper.



Published by Jesse Prentiss

9 Moves through 5 states in 20 years. Unpacking what God is teaching me about how HOME is not where you live but what lives with in.

2 thoughts on “Top 10: You are Prosper

    1. Welcome! It must be a Chi-town invasion. You are seriously the third new person in a row that I’ve connected with that is just here from Chicago. There is a great group of ladies from “the other side of the lake” (as we call it in Michigan) here that I hope to introduce you to if you attend the Just Moved class Mondays this spring starting Jan 22.


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